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Our Rotary Outbound Youth Exchange Program provides young Canadians the opportunity to learn about other cultures by living with host families in Countries participating in the Rotary exchange program. It is a life changing experience that has provided rich experiences for youth over the past decades. We have had many former exchange students return to our club for a visit to share the lasting impact of the opportunity. Here are are our most  recent candidates sponsored by our club.

Our inbound exchange program allows us to be the receiver of a student from a different country. They spend a school year with us and live with a few Host families in London. The Host families must qualify by meeting our established criteria and the students attend our Rotary meetings so we may learn more about their culture.



Carolyn Martyn is our Youth Exchange Officer.

The YEO participates in the selection process of outbound exchange students and completes all documents relating to the outbound students.

The YEO interviews host families and checks references for the inbound student and is responsible for registering the student at his/her school; purchasing the school uniform; providing the student with his/her monthly allowance while the student is living in Canada.

The YEO is responsible for maintaining regular communication with both the inbound and outbound students.  Host families and inbound student must contact the YEO if the student is planning to leave the district where the student is living during his/her exchange.


 James Coolidge is our Youth Exchange Counselor

 The role of the YEC is to act as an intermediary for the exchange student and host family and is the student’s advocate and confidante. James will provide assistance to Ruta Lawrence, our YEO. 

For more information on the Youth Exchange Program please visit:

If you know of a high school student who would like to participate in the 2013-14 academic year, we are accepting applications until Sept 15th.   The preliminary application can be located on the Rotary club of London website

 If you know of a family who would be interested in hosting an exchange student, please let Ruta Lawrence (YEO) know as we are  building a data base for host families for not just this year but future years. You do not need to be a Rotarian to be a host family but must qualify by meeting our established criteria.


Kathleen Murphy                                              


 Kathleen is involved at the Rotary District level and is coordinating with all of the YEOs regarding Outbound Students in District 6330.  Our outbound students have two local weekends of preparation for their exchange and a weekend in Grand Rapids Michigan.   Kathleen will also maintain monthly contact with the 21 students who are living around the world from District 6330 to ensure that they are safe and embracing all they can on their exchange.   Kathleen and Harry have hosted many times and this seemed like the next natural step to help with the youth exchange program.

Kathleen has served as a President for our Club and many other leadership positions including Chair for the TV Auction. Kathleen has travelled the world on Rotarian projects. Her last adventure was to Ethiopia, with other London South Rotarians to help with Polio vaccinations.


 Thanks to all of our volunteers in this significant program.


 Vic Danyla

Rotary Club of London South