Alex Purdom gave us some insight to his family and his profession.  Besides being a Golf player at a high level, Alex showed some high level work he has done on the CN  Tower walk, including leaning backwards over the city of Toronto.  He has a long family history with Western and is a member of a fraternity his grandfather helped establish in the 1940's.
On a professional level Alex described the long run performance of various investment strategies and results of fund managers. Despite the relatively indifferent performance of fund manages, individual investors perform even worse due to their short term focus and trying to time the market and loss aversion attitudes.  His firm endeavours to make an impact on their client's,   whether it is investing for retirement or helping to finance a child's education. Alex provided detailed review of market performance and long range perspective. Their approach is understanding a client's goals, making a plan, acting on the plan, and monitoring progress.
In addition to Alex's presentation we heard from Paris Beckman (our outbound exchange student) about the Central States Rotary Exchange conference held in Grand Rapids, MI.  Some 800 people attended the conference including outbound, inbound, rebound, parents and sponsors. in the action packed conference she was able to meet with people from Chile or exchange students who have been to Chile.  She also got to met RI President Mark Maloney.  One of the sessions she attended dealt with confronting ethnocentrism in a new culture.
At the start of the meeting Lorna was awarded her next level of Paul Harris awards and was presented with a new pin by PDG Al and President Joanne.