Four Members of our club attended the District Learning Assembly/PETS held in Sarnia and broadcast to Owen Sound.  President Bill, Vice President Joanne, Kathleen Murphy, Joan Fisher and Jim Thomas attended on behalf of our club.  We heard and up date from DG Jim on progress this Rotary year.  We have turned around the decline in membership and added a significant number of new members and chartered a Passport Club.  As a welcome to the Passport Club, President Bill and Vice President Joanne presented a cheque from our club to provide registration to the Foundation Seminar for the Passport Club.   
DGE Tony reviewed initiatives by RI in environmental issues and the new RI and District strategic plan.  The plans provide for continuity of efforts and sustainability of direction. Emphasis was placed on growing membership, increasing Foundation contributions, expanded reach by clubs and increased public image.  All of these initiatives are linked for DGE Tony's year, DGN David's year and DGNN Erin's year.  DGE Tony pointed out that the Council on Legislation is meeting currently and will require review of by-laws
Breakout sessions were provided for membership development, Youth Services, Rotaraction, Service Project Sustainability, and Social Media image management.