Prof. Emeritus Gordon McBean discussed issues of climate change and how to build a climate resilient community.  He is a recognized expert in these issues.  Besides his work at Western in the Department of Geography and Environment, he was previously an Assistant Deputy Minister at Environment Canada and advised Ministers for the Kyoto Protocol.
Increases in greenhouse gases at highest level in 800,000 years led to Global surface temperatures to increase faster than any 50-year period in recent history, and artic sea ice area smaller than any time since 1850.  The Secretary General of the UN calls these climate conditions a “Code Red” for Humanity.
Canada, because of our location on the planet, has experienced the impact of these changes more than others located at lower latitudes.  We have recent experience with floods, wildfires, and extreme temperatures.
To reduce the risks of climate effects Canada, need to build more resilient communities.  We need government polices reducing construction in flood plains, different construction codes for buildings and infrastructure, disaster preparedness and a National Adaption Action Plan. 
Prof. McBean also outlined things cities and individuals can do including better urban forestry management, better water drainage design and management and personal preparedness.