Hector introduced himself to the club with a description of his life in Columbia and his immigration to Canada.
He is from a large family of seven children.  He has two grown sons and three grandchildren.
Hector started working in banking after High School and attended University while working at the bank.  He graduated from University as a system engineer, continued to work for the bank and also taught at University for ten years.
After immigrating to Canada, Hector set up a computer consulting business for several years.  This led him into a manufacturing company for systems work where he was promoted to General Manager.  The recession caused the manufacturing company to have troubles and Hector decided to change careers.  He gained his insurance broker credentials and is now a broker at Sutherland Elliott.
Hector has set some goals for himself as a Rotarian.  He want to work at developing a satellite club for the Hispanic community and work on projects helping children and elders.
To find out more about Columbia Hector provided two youtube links:
Hector is a welcomed addition to our club and has shown his willingness to  get involved right away.