Jay Lawrence and Nicole Kamiki described the importance of basketball their lives and their experience in growing up in South Africa under apartheid.  Jay outlined the development of the YFC basketball program from a "place to hang out" to a more competitive level of sport.  The program grew and changed from a casual pickup games to an organized competitive league in the Compass league.  He emphasized coaching as a mentoring and connection process that will help young men be better men, husbands, fathers and individuals.  The basketball program has taken young men from the Glen Carin and other economically disadvantaged areas and allowed them to develop travel and have new experiences.
Nicole described her experience growing up in South Africa at the end of apartheid, going to school in a "white" school sponsored by Germany, and playing basketball at a high level- including the national team.  She was scouted by an American coach and given a scholarship to a university in Tennessee where she completed her undergraduate education.   She wanted to do graduate level studies and she searched out Canadian universities that would provide scholarship opportunities and found an opportunity a Western.  Nicole completed her Ph.D and is a researcher at Western.  Her husband plays basketball with Jay and discussed the Compass basketball program with him.  They are developing a program for young women to play in a league and hopes to provide the same character development the young men have seen.