Jon Reid told us about his father Jack's history as a POW in Japan and his later life.  Jack Reid was educated as a Doctor and joined the Canadian Army at the beginning of WWII and was stationed in Hong Kong with the Canadian Army.  He was captured in 1941 when the Japanese invaded Hong Kong.  He was a POW in Hong Kong for a year and in 1942 was taken to Japan to serve in the shipyards.  He was tasked by the Japanese to keep the POWs strong enough to work as slave labour in the shipyard.  He was able to keep many POWs off work to save them from exhaustion. 
When US bombing started he was relocated to another POW camp where he was interned along with other British and Dutch POWs.  During this internment not only did he save POWs lives but he was able to compose music with other POWs who became life long friends.
He was liberated in 1945 and returned to Canada to take up his medical practice.  After starting restarting his medical practice in Toronto he moved to Vancouver.  While working in Vancouver, and before his family joined from Toronto, he met a nurse and started a second family.  This complex relationship with two families continued for some time until his first family returned to Toronto.  This complex man suffered from maladies brought on by his WWII internment and died at the age of 65.
The children of the two families made contact and were able to bond in a strong relationship.