Our club meeting on Feb. 18 provided and update on the Kenya Water and Girl Empowerment project.  We were delighted to be joined by Deurence Onyango by zoom from Kenya. She is the sparkplug for this project in Kenya.  In addition to being and active Rotarian, Deurence founded the "Smart Girlhood" mentoring program which helps keep girls in school by providing menstrual information and supplies.  Deurence and our club members have promoted the project to other clubs and organizations.
The project's pilot project provides information and a start up system for a small village in Kenya with limited clean water.  Water tables made of corrugated metal use the sun's power to purify water in PET bottles.  This water can be used for drinking or washing reusable menstrual kits.
The pilot project started with information sessions for the village and some trial water table units at the school and a few community homes.
According to Deurence the pilot project had a successful start with those who use the water tables pleased with the quality of the water and looking forward to the next the next phase of the project.