Lt Col (Ret) Ian Haley gave us a short history of London's 1st Hussars and the Holly Roller Tank.  The 1st Hussars were established in 1856 and served in the Boer War, WWI,WWII, and peace keeping missions including Afghanistan 
The Holly Roller Tank, which sits in Victoria Park as a monument, landed at Juno beach on June 6th 1944 and fought to liberate France, Belgium, and Holland.  The 1st Hussars lost 346 tanks but the Holly Roller survived some damage, was repaired and fought to the end of the war in Europe. 
At the end of the war, the 1st Hussars were granted the privilege of returning the tank to Canada. It was located in front of the Armoury on Dundas and in the Western Fair prior to taking its current location.
The Holly Roller is in need of restoration due to corrosion that has damaged the interior of the tank.  In June of 2021 the tank will be transported to Fanshawe College for restoration.  A new pad for the tank will be installed in the park while the restoration is going on and it will be put back in place for the 150th anniversary of the Hussars.  
A major fundraising initiative is underway to restore the Holly Roller which is estimated to cost $250,000.  This tank is oldest of the 11,388 Sherman M4 tanks in the Western Hemisphere that was built in Grand Blanc MI.
The Holly Roller is an important monument to Canada's WWII efforts and needs to be conserved.