Reg Ash, CEO of the Western Fair, brought us up to date with the history and recent developments at the Western Fair.  The Fair started in 1867 as an agricultural society and has developed into a not-for-profit organization with 50 full time and 100 part time employees.  The Western Fair manages the several properties in the Western Fair District.   Some are solely operated by the Fair and other are join ventures with the City of London.  The Fair is involved with renovating some of the historic buildings and bring them back as close as possible to their original design.  Other properties such as the sport complex are relatively new and modern.  Commitment to the community is a constant theme of the Fair; special shows , days of  caring,  special arrangements for stimulant sensitive children during the annual fall fair, and learn to skate programs, are examples of community commitment.  The Western Fair has hosted harness racing since the 1870's and continues with up to 125 cards today.