David Knoppart and Dr. Aman Rai from the Hyde Park Rotary Club presented an overview of their medical clinic trip to Nicaragua.  On the "Commit to Nicaragua " trip they worked on medical clinics to help remote villages with health issues such as dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medial issues.  Dental clinics, vision care, hearing care, educational issues and community agricultural development were also part of the mission.
An additional program was part of the trip was to encourage building simple cinder block stoves for cooking and eliminating cooking on open fires.  Smoke from this type of cooking causes chronic lung conditions and other medical problems.  The Rotary Club of Hyde Park is working on a grant proposal to develop 250 stoves for this part of the country.  David outline the grant proposal and welcomed our help.
The cinder bock stoves are topped off with a metal plate making cooking more efficient and reducing the pollution in homes.  The stoves cost about $200 per unit with proper pots and pans for cooking.  The grant is being drafted for a total of $20,000 USD and taking advantage of  RI Global grants combined the Canadian Government Grants make funding possible.