James Coolidge spoke at our May 8th meeting and described the changes YFC made to deal with the Covid pandemic.  The programs YFC delivers have gone virtual.  Surprisingly this change caused the greatest challenge to millennials who have not dealt with major life changes before.  They often went through a grieving process dealing with a changed world.  James showed their portal and how programs are connected to participants.  
Beyond the change to program delivery the facility on Adelaide Street has become a food distribution centre for individuals, families and youth at risk.  Daily drive crews deliver food to those in need.  Because YFC operated as a restaurant it has access to the commercial food distribution network and is able to purchase food stuff at a significant discount to grocery prices. They are currently producing and providing 160 meals per night and will be capable of up to 800/900 per day in the future. They have become a collaborative leader helping other social service groups such as Glen Carin purchase, assemble and distribute food.  Their operating space has been used by other service groups to stage non-food necessary materials for familles  in need.
Thanks James for being a community leader in helping the most vulnerable in our city.