Tracy Church, a researcher and consultant to non-profits described the changing environment for fundraising for non-profits and charities. 82% of Canadians donate to charities.  The average family in London donates $1,673 annually to charities.  The demographics of donors is changing.  Previously churches were the beneficiaries of donors, but as church attendance declines the nature of donations is changing.  Tracy underlined the importance of knowing donor demographics and donor objectives.  Board members, employees, and volunteers must be able to articulate the mission of the organization clearly to donors.  Those involved in charities must also give to the charities to show their support and commitment to the mission of the organization.  Philanthropist have varying motivations for giving - foremost is making an impact.  Tax receipts for donations is low on the priorities of donors. Some philanthropists prefer to remain anonymous, Tracy reviewed the reasons for this including a desire to keep personal information private from other charities, fundraisers, and family.  She gave many helpful hints for fundraising.