It was a busy meeting on March 22 -  Alex Purdom was inducted as our newest member and Dawn Kershaw gave her classification speech. 
Alex induction ceremony was lead by PDG Al Hardy and Alex's sponsor David Kirwin presented Alex with his Rotary pin under the watchful eye of President Bill. After the Induction ceremony all club members greeted Alex with a warm handshake.
Dawn Kershaw gave her classification speech.  Dawn Rotary history extends back to her mother who was the London Club's Administrative Secretary. As a child she stuffed envelopes for the March of Dimes at the Rotary office and later she was an exchange student in Germany.  Dawn returned to study law in university and obtained a bachelor's in law at U of T and a Master's in Law at Dalhousie  and along the way obtained a BA.  
Dawn practiced law in Stratford and London for several years before taking on adjudicator roles in several tribunals including Human Rights, licensing appeals and the parole board.
She met her husband Steve through a contact she made in Nepal on a walkabout.  They have a daughter who is interested in dressage and skating.  Dawn brings an interest in international affairs to our club and will serve on the international committee and will be hosting an exchange student from Brazil next Rotary year.
Sargent at Arms David provided a cultural up lift to our club with several Shakespearean scripts with reference to Rotary including " Big Jullie" Caesar
 and Romeo and Juliet.  The LSRC little players strut their stuff on the boards the scripts and visiting Rotarian John Finan.  Stratford watch out!