Our club is pleased to welcome our newest member Amy Odega. 
Amy is transferring from her Rotary Club in Nigeria where she was an active member.  
After her induction and welcome ceremony, our Sergeant  At Arms David Kirwin interviewed Amy about some of the highlights of her life.
Amy was born in Lagos and her parents arranged for her education in various cities in Nigeria so that she would get a broader view of her country.  She became proficient in several Nigerian languages.  She was a top student and participated in various sports in school.  She became Head Girl in high school.  Science was her favourite area of study and she especially enjoyed biology.  This lead her into medical school which she started after high school.  She was able to shorten the length of time to complete her medical degree by attending medial school in the West Indies.  She has a focus on mental health work.
After she completed her studies she married Charles.  Amy and Charles have three children ages 6,4,2.  Three children and working to get certified as a MD in Ontario keep her busy.  
Amy was a charter member of her Rotary club in Nigeria and was an active member, We are looking forward to her contribution to our club.