Carol Evans described her life experience as a polio survivor.  
Carol Evans talked about what it was like to contract polio as a six year old child in London.  After diagnosis, she was confined to hospital for an extended period.  In early stages of the disease while she was still infectious, she was in isolation and only able to see her parents through a window at the hospital.  Polio left her with limited use of her legs requiring numerous surgeries on her legs, back and hands.
Despite these limitations Carol managed to overcome pain and leg weakness to become a successful department manager at Birks.  She graduated from teacher's college and high levels of music training at Western University.
After her retirement from Birks, she took an active role in her church and is the choir master for the church.
Carol's story reminded the club of the continued efforts to end polio in the world and underlined the importance of contributing to the Rotary Foundation on World Polio day - Oct. 24th.  The Gates foundation is matching two dollars for every dollar contributed to the foundation to defeat polio.