On March 1, Brenda Rouse shared her unique experience of being one of 22 Curling Rotarians from Ontario who were home hosted in thirteen cities in Scotland for the month of November 2018.  They played 19 games against the Scots in 13 different ice rinks ranging from 8 sheets in a shopping mall, arenas shared with ice hockey and skating, a converted potato storage shed, two curling rinks contained within a hotel and a barn transformed into a curling club called Greenacres.  Despite these challenges, the Canadian tour team of 16 men and 8 women reigned victorious.
This Rotary Friendship Curling Exchange has been going back and forth across the “pond" for 62 years. Initially, teams from Quebec, eastern Ontario and New York State participated but the tour has now evolved to the present day format of 22 Rotarian curlers from Ontario exchanging with Scotland every two years.  Over the years, the Tour has achieved legendary status as a test of skill and stamina and has been called the “trip of a lifetime”.  It has been responsible for building strong friendships with teammates and with Rotary hosts. It really is a magical combination of Rotary and Curling fellowship as the team met participants in Scotland who had toured in Canada up to 30 years ago and still remain in touch with some of their hosts.
A new team from Scotland will be visiting the London area in mid November 2020 which is a great opportunity for Club Members to get involved by hosting.