John Matsui talked about his road to being an author.   John was a reporter for the London  Free Press for two decades but left to work on the "YES" campaign during the Quebec referendum on separation.  After the YES campaign he founded a consulting company named Making Headlines and was in the process of winding down the company when he started his career as an author.  With some advice from friends, who were authors, he wrote his first book Late Bite.  He finished the first draft in 16 days and after some editing published it with Amazon.   He has publish three sci-fi novels: Late Bite, Gravity Games, and Lycanthorpe Rising
 John explained the complexities of the publishing business and problems in distribution. He has several books on the way in the sci-fi genre and a number of other creative endeavours including screen plays and preliminary productions of movies.
The culture of creative arts in London is strong and could be a new wave of economic expansion in our city.  John gave several examples of the depth of creativity in London such as the 400+ membership in the authors/writing group in the city.  
A sense of humour and optimism ran through his presentation.