Justin Jaggernauth is a commercial  loans accounts manager for Libro.  He works with firms and arranges mortgages, loans, lines of credit and banking solutions.  Libro is unique as a lender focusing a significant amount of its banking loans in the NGO space.  It looks for social impact loans where the loan will make a significant improvement to the community as a whole.  As a credit union it provides profit sharing to it members.
Justin is a second generation Rotarian; his Father is a Rotarian with more that 25 years of service.  Justin was born and received his basic education in Trinidad and Tobago- he came to London to attend Western.  Justin is an active hiker, traveler, cyclist, and photographer.  He shared some of his adventures with us including a hike up Kilimanjaro.  His service commitments include helping at a hospice in Toronto and assisting his Farther and Mother in service work in Trinidad. In London he worked with Impact Loan and is now working with larger NGO ventures.