Kelly Franklin described the use of horses in helping survivors of abuse start their recovery.  However, Kelly brought us so much more information about human trafficking especially along the 400 series of highways.  London in particular is a frequently used stop over spot because of the junction of the 401 & 402 and easily accessible hotels along the Wellington strip.  Some of the statistics Kelly reported were shocking.  Trafficking in you girls is on the rise and has become the second highest level of crime second only to drug dealing.  The median age of girls starting being trafficked is 13.  A pimp can earn $250,000 to $300,000 from a girl in a year.  The girls are recruited by romancing and drugging them.
Kelly has trained Police in identification of trafficked girls and other groups.  She provides level one training to seniors because seniors frequent Tim's, McDonalds and other coffee shops where identification can be made.  The solution is stopping demand.  The average "john" is a married man with children, a post secondary education and earning $70,000.
To increase awareness of the problem a one hour presentation is being made at all the On Route stations on the 400 series of highways on July 30th from 9:30 to 10:30 AM.  July 30th is also the " International Day to End Slavery."