Little Footprints Big Steps (LFBS) was founded by Morgan in 2011 with a mission to reduce family separations caused by child trafficking.  One in four children in Haiti do not live with their family due to child trafficking.  There are four reasons for child trafficking:
1.  Fraudulent orphanages.  For profit orphanages house 32,000 children and are designed to elicit international funds.  Yet less than 5% maintain minimum standards and only 15% are register officially.  Of the children in orphanages 80% have a living parent.
2.  Child Slavery. Low income families give their child to wealthier families to do chores and other work.  Estimates of as many as 300,000 children are caught in this situation.
3. Street children.  These children are vulnerable to gangs and other abuse.
4. Emergencies such as earthquakes.
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