Pam Cullen from the London Community Chaplaincy explained the mission of their organization to our club.  The London Chaplaincy works in London's social housing locations and provides a range of services to residents focused on creating a sense of community.  The organization is multi-faith and does not promote any particular religion, but can provide connections to various faith for residents interested in making those connections. 
The Chaplaincy provides activities for youth and adults and social opportunities for residents focused on bringing the diverse backgrounds of residents together to create a sense of community.
Pam described the complicated environment in which the organization works.  Residents may be new to the community after living in a shelter, they may be long term residents living in poverty, they may have mental health issues requiring assistance.  The range of housing support ranges rent geared to income or a set government rent support.
Pam gave an example of their work to provide a better environment for residents.  On a bare section of the property the community made a garden - created and maintained by a gardening club in the property.  The process of making the garden also help reinforce the sense of community.
The organization also advocates for the community with local government and other NGOs.