Mackenzie McKim, the Events and Outreach Coordinator for the London Environmental Network, talked to our club about the mission of LEN and some of the programs they sponsor.
The goal of the LEN is to support the City of London goals for reaching net zero green house gas emission by 2050.  They also help individual  Londoners and company to improve their environmental  impact.
LEN has a range of programs, one of which is Depave Paradise London which aims to remove asphalt parking lots and replace them with more environmentally friendly surfaces.  These surfaces maybe more permeable materials or garden surfaces.  She gave an example of an asphalt removal project at Fanshawe College which changed an asphalt courtyard with permeable materials and a garden with local plants.
Mackenzie told us how we could get involved with the environmental issues locally and recommended their newsletter.  She provided an excellent presentation about LEN and its work.