Jim Thomas reviewed the Scale Up Grant program of the RI Foundation.  The Stratfor Club is working on a concept note to submit to the Foundation in application for an $2million (USD) Grant. 
The proposal Stratford is working on provides solar generated electricity to operate oxygen concentrators.
These unit are installed in areas with unreliable or no electrical power. The concentrators are used in supplying oxygen to children with pneumonia.  This is a more cost-effective method of oxygen delivery than O2 tanks which have logistics and cost problems.
There are currently 22 units in Uganda, two in the Democratic Republic of Congo and one in Somalia.  The Stratford club funded the units in DRC with a global grant.
Additional benefits of this program are, oxygen tanks can be replenished using these concentrators, the surplus electricity can be sold to residents in the area, and skill development for the local community.
Several organizations are partnering with the program including Innovative Change for Canadians, (ICC) and the WHO.