Scott Forbes brought us the story of the International Justice Mission's efforts to free slaves and protect children for sexual exploitation.  Some 40 million people are enslaved in the world toady.  India and some parts of Africa are the centres for this activity.  People can be enslaved for debts owing from generations before.  Slaves and bought and sold to work off debts they have little knowledge about.  IJM is working in 14 countries helping educate police, justices and others involved in the justice system about fundamental legal process and at the same time actively working to free slaves.  Slaves work in agriculture, brick kilns, quarries and factories.
One of the initiatives IJM has deals with cyber sexual exploitation  of children.  In the Philippines and parts of Asia and Africa western sexual predators can direct children to have sex or preform sexual acts for a fee on the web.  IJM  has been working to end these crimes and bring predators to justice in western jurisdictions.