Our Kenyan contact, Deurence, reports that the launch with the sewing machines & additional menstrual hygiene kits went really well. There was a good show of buy-in by the Area Chief, local administration and parents for the work we are doing with your Club's support.  The girls have started the sewing classes.  This week should be their fourth weekend of classes. They do both cohorts on Saturday and Sunday to manage the large number that signed up. The school's account's clerk is supporting me with taking attendance and pictures/videos of the classes. The schools close in two weeks' time for a two-week break.

From the reports I got during the roll-out of the tailoring classes, they are using them well. No adverse challenges reported as yet. I liked the fact that the first cohort of recipients were able to teach the new recipients with me coming in to emphasize/reinforce from time to time.
On the next steps, the maintenance of the machines is the challenge. I had to pay for their installation. I learned that the students could not start using them new from the shop. There is an overhaul of some parts, oiling, and servicing that is done before use so we may need some additional funds. We learned that  the basic training will take four months (and not the planned three months) or longer as the girls are sharing."