Brittney Webb from Diabetes London brought us up to date on the impact of diabetes on Canada and London Specifically.  There are currently 11 million Canadians dealing with diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions.  90% of these cases are Type 2 diabetes.  Symptoms include always being thirsty, frequent urination, weight change, tiredness, and eyesight loss.  Complications from diabetes include poor recovery from wounds, long lasting bruising, urination, infections resulting in amputations, and blindness.
It is important to have regular physicals to check for diabetes, get rest, be physically active and have a balance diet.
Brittney told us about D-Camps for children from 7 to 17 held at Camp Woodeden.  Campers learn to manager their insulin and have fun just being kids.  It costs $1,000 per week per child to attend this camp which is staffed by knowledgeable medical and sports leaders.