In 1998, Rotarian Stephen (Steve) Fine, PhD, and his wife Gail from Peabody, MA lost their 26-year-old son Daniel to late-stage melanoma.

Steve gave up his successful career in the semiconductor industry to create an educational program that is saving the lives of other young people.

He created a website that began as a tribute to his son and evolved into a complete guide to early self-detection and prevention of melanoma, which is curable in its early  stages.

Steve didn’t stop there. He founded the nonprofit Melanoma Education Foundation and created its SkinCheck® curriculum, a class with a lesson plan, video and student handouts that informs students how to self-detect and prevent melanoma. He then developed a seminar to train high school and middle school teachers in how to conduct the class.  See attached links for more information...
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31-Minute Early Self-Detection/Prevention Video:
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16-Minute High School Student Video:

22-Minute Middle School Student Video:

30 Minute Health Teacher Training Video: