Joany McDougall, RN, told us about her work with Samaritan’s Purse training nurses in Ukraine. She described training on her third deployment to Ukraine during the war.

Training took place in a parking garage serving as a bomb shelter. In the shelter 4-foot cement culverts tubes covered with sandbags were close at by in case bombs were falling in the immediate area.
Two training sessions took place seven days a week. Joany estimated her group trained 23,600 nurses in diverse topics. During blackouts generators kept the lights on and computers working. Topics covered in the training ranged from treating fractures, burns, ICU operation under difficult conditions, and other trauma situations.
An example of Joany’s burn training was shown. Simulated burns were placed on translators and nurses learned how to apply treatment and dressings in an appropriate manner.

Resilience of the Ukrainian people impressed Joany. Some nurses continued to serve their people despite being bombed out, losing family members and all their possessions. A picture of a bombed-out children’s hospital was shown that continues to operate despite partial destruction from cluster bombs.
Jordanna Jones, the owner of three Bioped stores in London, told us about her work for Soles4Souls.  Soles4Souls collects new and used shoes in Canada and distributes them in developing countries through a network of micro-loan companies in the individual countries. 
Children's shoes help children attend school and work more easily in daily chores.  The shoes are sold in local markets with new or newer shoes sold in larger and more prosperous cities and towns and used and shoes in markets in less prosperous communities.

Shoes are also distributed directly to schools in some cases.

Jordanna described her recent trip to Haiti where one of her distributors was able to put her son through university and over time build a new home for her family. 
S4S has distributed 2.3 million pairs of shoes so far and Jordanna estimates the Canadian arm of S4S has collected and distributed 700,000 pair of shoes.  Not only does this endeavour help those in developing countries, but it also keeps shoes out of our landfills.
Morgan Weinberg was not able to connect to our zoom meeting.  She sent a copy of her presentation to the club prior to the meeting and Brenda shared the presentation with the club.
Little Footprints Big Steps (LFBS) was founded by Morgan in 2011 with a mission to reduce family separations caused by child trafficking.  One in four children in Haiti do not live with their family due to child trafficking.
There are four reasons for child trafficking:
Fraudulent orphanages.  For profit orphanages house 32,000 children and are designed to elicit international funds.  Yet less than 5% maintain minimum standards and only 15% are register officially.  Of the children in orphanages 80% have a living parent.
Child Slavery. Low income families give their child to wealthier families to do chores and other work.  Estimates of as many as 300,000 children are caught in this situation.
Street children.  These children are vulnerable to gangs and other abuse.
Emergencies such as earthquakes.
LFBS has several needs.
Rescuing 520 Children from trafficking
Access to a truck to provide supplies and urgent support.
Rebuilding by providing 200 micro loans for families to escape poverty
Children’s nursing
Education access for children
Mackenzie McKim, the Events and Outreach Coordinator for the London Environmental Network, talked to our club about the mission of LEN and some of the programs they sponsor.
The goal of the LEN is to support the City of London goals for reaching net zero green house gas emission by 2050.  They also help individual  Londoners and company to improve their environmental  impact.
LEN has a range of programs, one of which is Depave Paradise London which aims to remove asphalt parking lots and replace them with more environmentally friendly surfaces.  These surfaces maybe more permeable materials or garden surfaces.  She gave an example of an asphalt removal project at Fanshawe College which changed an asphalt courtyard with permeable materials and a garden with local plants.
Mackenzie told us how we could get involved with the environmental issues locally and recommended their newsletter.  She provided an excellent presentation about LEN and its work.
Our club is pleased to welcome our newest member Amy Odega. 
Amy is transferring from her Rotary Club in Nigeria where she was an active member.  
After her induction and welcome ceremony, our Sergeant  At Arms David Kirwin interviewed Amy about some of the highlights of her life.
Amy was born in Lagos and her parents arranged for her education in various cities in Nigeria so that she would get a broader view of her country.  She became proficient in several Nigerian languages.  She was a top student and participated in various sports in school.  She became Head Girl in high school.  Science was her favourite area of study and she especially enjoyed biology.  This lead her into medical school which she started after high school.  She was able to shorten the length of time to complete her medical degree by attending medial school in the West Indies.  She has a focus on mental health work.
After she completed her studies she married Charles.  Amy and Charles have three children ages 6,4,2.  Three children and working to get certified as a MD in Ontario keep her busy.  
Amy was a charter member of her Rotary club in Nigeria and was an active member, We are looking forward to her contribution to our club.
London South Rotarians cooked meals to be frozen and distributed through the London Fridge.
Pat Cavan from the Rotary Club of Wiarton described the work the Hand Up organization is doing in Guatemala.
They have completed a project in Todos Santos which provided two cisterns and new latrines at a school.
Konrad Mayfarth from the Rotary Club of Berlin Bruecke der Einheit a member of the Board of Directors of the Rotary Action Group Rotarians Against Malaria told us about the work to eliminate Malaria in Africa and around the world. 
He explained where Malaria is common, its disease process and what can be done to eliminate the discease.
Most of the cases are in Africa.
We were pleased to welcome Councillor Skyler Franke to our in person meeting.  She represent ward 11 for the 2022-2026 term.  Prior to being elected Skyler was the Executive Director of the London Environmental Network.  
In her presentation she said her areas of focus included affordability, climate planning, city services, establishing a more civil working environment on city council.  
She discussed transit infrastructure, development issues, safety in the city core during question/answer section of our meeting.
Skyler is an open and engaging speaker.
Pam Cullen from the London Community Chaplaincy explained the mission of their organization to our club.  The London Chaplaincy works in London's social housing locations and provides a range of services to residents focused on creating a sense of community.  The organization is multi-faith and does not promote any particular religion, but can provide connections to various faith for residents interested in making those connections. 
The Chaplaincy provides activities for youth and adults and social opportunities for residents focused on bringing the diverse backgrounds of residents together to create a sense of community.
Rotarians from the Rotary Club of London South created over 200 kits for distribution  to the homeless in
London.  The kits included gloves and mitts, hats, space blankets, hygiene products, snacks and other things to help our homeless citizens stay more comfortable in the cold.  The kits are distributed by London Cares.
Kathleen Murphy and Al Hardy replenished the community fridge with food obtained from Harvest Hands.  This food is harvested from suppliers who would otherwise send the food to the dump.  A win/win for the fridge and the environment. 
Past District Governor David Elliott provided an overview of the Rotary International Foundation.  With special emphasis on Polio Plus.  He also provided an overview of how district designated funds provide grants both locally and world wide.
There are multiple ways to give to the Foundation including one time contributions, Regular monthly contributions through Rotary Direct, contributions to the endowment fund, contributions through wills and insurance and donations of other types of assets.
The Rotary Club of London South all time giving is $221,110 to the Foundation. 
All these contributions help the Foundation to "do good in the world."
The Biannual Canada Scotland curling exchange resumed after a long Covid delay.  The rinks from Scotland attended a Remembrance ceremony at the Cenotaph and were thrilled to meet and chat with Fling officer Tom Hennessey, the 100 year old RAF veteran who walked 100 miles to raise funds for veterans.
Afterward curling luncheon and curling games were held at the London Curling Club.  Guests included Rotarians from London East, The London Club, St Thomas, Woodstock, Simcoe  and Ingersoll.  
One of the Scots team entertained with a recital of Bobbie Burns Tam O'Shanter. The outcome of the curling was a victory by the Canadians in the aggregate score.
District Governor Mike Chaffee visited our club in a hybrid meeting.  DG Mike reminded us of the challenges facing Rotary Clubs.  Among the challenges were: Membership, Foundation Giving, Community awareness of Rotary, and diversity.
DG Mike gave several examples of how to grow membership.
Members of The Rotary Club of London South, The Passport Club and Friends of Rotary planted 1,000 Tulips bulbs at the Veterans Remembrance Garden near the Veterans Memorial Highway.  We are looking forward to seeing them bloom in the Spring.
Hendrikus Bervoets, a well know local artist who works in a range of media, presents his some of his most recent work.  He creates collages of photos from pictures has has taken in the forest.  Hendrikus started this project when he took up walking during Covid.  His work features unique combinations of found forest objects and photos of the sky. Some examples are shown below.
In addition to his art work Hendrikus is active in supporting a UN sponsored NGO named 17 colours which is doing educational climate change work in Africa.  He often speaks to large groups of students and gets them involved in understanding climate change using art as a message medium.  The work also helps students understand equality issues and teaches them to be better adults.
He is selling some of his recent works to support 17 colours.
Deidre O'Connor presented an overview of the Rock Steady Boxing program.  This program is designed to help individual with Parkinson's disease with a range of symptoms including balance, strength and vocal strength.  RSB started in Indianapolis with 6 participants and now has over 80,000 participants.
The London program operates from a space in Ilderton.  Participates work in a circuit training mode which focuses on functional movement and includes vocalization to mitigate voice changes.
Boxers train to work on: Hand-eye Coordination Flexibility Optimal Balance Core Strength Agility Rapid Muscle Fire Improve Mental Focus Improve mood/reduce stress Vocalizations Friendly Competition
On Oct 5th Anette hosted a welcome party for our new exchanges students, their hosting families, and club members.  Ting Ting (who prefers to be called Mariella) is sponsored by our Club and is from the Philippines and  Nanda who is sponsored by the London Club is. from Switzerland.
Rith from the Rotary Club of Battambang Cambodia explained their plans for a RI Global Grant to refurbish a school, provide training for teachers for an early learning centre for children with intellectual learning challenges.
The school building is in disrepair and will be upgraded.  Below is a picture of the current school and a projection of what the upgrade will look like.
Patti Lake brought us up to date with the community fridge project.
A location for the community fridge has been obtained at St. John the Divine at 390 Baseline West.
The community fridge will be the first in London although many other communities in Ontario and Canada have these projects.
At a special BBQ hosted by Kathleen and Harry, Deurence told updated us on our Kenya project.  Deurence gave a description of her early life and way she got involved in “Smart Girls”.  Jillian Johnston from DFG also attended.  A cheque for six thousand dollars was presented to  Deurence and a collection for girls school uniforms raised $660.
Winning Ticket for the Elton John Concert Drawn
Joan Fisher reached into the bin and drew the winning ticket for the Elton John Concert.  The winning ticket package included Via One transportation to Toronto, a Night’s stay at Harbour Castle Hotel and seats for the concert at floor level near the stage.
Upcoming Events
President's Welcome
The Rotary Club of London South's President, Hector Silva welcomes you to our club.
Welcome to the Rotary Club of London South, located in London, Ontario.  If you are looking  to help make a change locally or internationally (or both!) you are in the right place.  I invite you to join our club for three reasons:
  1. Help us shine a light on projects to help people around the world.
  2. To listen to selected monthly guest speakers.
  3. To have fun with our members and projects.
We meet regularly on Friday mornings and everyone is welcome.
For more information, please contact us at any time!
Watch: Rotary’s People of Action: Champions of Inclusion broadcast event

Watch: Rotary’s People of Action: Champions of Inclusion broadcast

Former aviator mentors next generation of scientists

JonDarr Bradshaw, a former military aviator and contractor for the U.S. space agency, has a different kind of mission now.

May 5  Mariela Deslate - Youth Exchange experience
Projects Update
Community Service
  • Partnering with Community Fridge Project 
  • Video Link to Community Fridge
  • White Oaks Breakfast program continuing
  • Backpack funding for Children at White Oaks provided
  • Interact club continues to grow
  • London Warms Kits supplied for this winter
  • Sports equipment provided for South London Schools
  • Science Fair funding arranged
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys for NGOs delivered
  • Planning for Earth Day
International Service
  • Kenya Water/Hygiene Project  Water our Main project  is in phase II in we purchase 5 sewing machines to teach sewing and enabling girls to produce hygiene products for sale 85 girls are in this project.  More water tables are being constructed to provide clean water. 
  • Marielle Inbound Exchange student from the Philippines is active in her school sports and as a participant in our club projects.
  • Sponsored refugee family on their way
  • Contributions were made to Sleeping Children Around the World, Shelterbox, Days for Girls
  • Arranging funding for famine in the Horn of Africa and relief in Philippines after typhoon destruction.
  • Providing funding for support in Guatemala relief and Turkey Earthquake
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