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The Rotary Club of London South's President, Joanne Johnson, welcomes you to our club.
Are you ready to connect to the world? At The Rotary Club of London South we work together to make a difference right here in London. Come and join us for a breakfast and enjoy great speakers, laughter, and see the impact Rotary makes locally and around the world. We are always looking for inspired people to join us.
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6 humanitarians honored for their work with refugees

Six humanitarians who are members of the family of Rotary were honored as People of Action: Connectors Beyond Borders during the 2019 

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In Yonkers, New York, a new basketball court four years in the making provides valuable life lessons to the community’s kids — and its

World Polio Day cheers major achievements toward global polio eradication

Health officials announce type 3 of the wild poliovirus has been completely eradicated, a major step toward a polio-free world.

Rotary provides millions in polio funding as wild poliovirus type 3 is eradicated

Rotary provides millions in polio funding as wild poliovirus type 3 is eradicatedUS$50 million will impact over 38 million children as the program reaches two key milestones: wild poliovirus type 3 eradication and Africa reaching three

Join us for Rotary’s World Polio Day Online Global Update

Join us for Rotary’s World Polio Day Online Global UpdateMark your calendar to join us on 24 October for Rotary’s World Polio Day Online Global Update. It will be streamed on RI’s Facebook pages in multiple languages and time zones

Upcoming Events
Our annual Remembrance Day Ceremony  was held this Friday with Major Veneables playing  "Last Post" and moments of silence observed.  Members talked about family members who served. A special speaker, Vinod Varapdravn explained the role of the Indian Army troops in WWI.  1.2 million Indian solders took part in the war.  Many were there at the early stages of the war in France and came with limited arms and summer Khaki uniforms.  They took part in the capture of Haifa including a cavalry charge with lances and swords.  To commerce the role of the Indian Army 108 trees have been planted on Veterans Memorial Highway at the corner of Hamilton Rd. and Veterans Memorial Highway.
Reg Ash, CEO of the Western Fair, brought us up to date with the history and recent developments at the Western Fair.  The Fair started in 1867 as an agricultural society and has developed into a not-for-profit organization with 50 full time and 100 part time employees.  The Western Fair manages the several properties in the Western Fair District.   Some are solely operated by the Fair and other are join ventures with the City of London.  The Fair is involved with renovating some of the historic buildings and bring them back as close as possible to their original design.  Other properties such as the sport complex are relatively new and modern.  Commitment to the community is a constant theme of the Fair; special shows , days of  caring,  special arrangements for stimulant sensitive children during the annual fall fair, and learn to skate programs, are examples of community commitment.  The Western Fair has hosted harness racing since the 1870's and continues with up to 125 cards today.
Linda Badke, project leader for the project of significance, and Jim Thomas visited the White Oaks School Library to continue the ordering process for items for the Library on Tuesday 5 Nov. While there they took a look at some of the equipment that were part of the project that is already in place. The rugs and mushroom chairs are a big hit with kids.  One of the rugs was placed in the Kindergarten and the teacher get the children to "take and square" when they are receiving instruction.  The older children enjoy the sofas for reading.
Mayor Ed Holder helped kickoff the Christmas Ornament commemorating Blackfriers Bridge along with Joan Fisher the ornament drive coordinator and club president Joanne Johnson.  They were joined on the bridge by a local resident Moria McKee and her dog Leo.  Ms Mckee owns the EXCAVO gallery.
We were honoured to have Mayor Ed Holder speak to us this morning.  The Mayor (an honourary  member of the Rotary Club of London )   recounted highlights of his first year in office and the challenges of a new council working on important issues.  Ed described the difference between working with volunteers in Rotary and working with elected members of council.  Rotary volunteers all get behind a project and work on it together; while elected officials come with different agendas and have to learn to work together and may or may not get behind a project.  Ed talked about the initiatives to increase the employment participation rate in the city.  The city has launched a program to collect job vacancies and opened a portal for job seeker to find jobs.  If successful London will increase its participation rate to the national average from its current low level.  He responded to questions about affordable/social housing that the city is working on and to the problem of police and EMS workers waiting to turn over people to medical staff in the hospitals.
Gary McCarty was awarded the "Golden Gavel"  for bringing in a significant number of items for the auction.
World Polio Day was recognized at Museum London with a display of an iron lung.  DG Tony and Silvia were joined by Joan Fisher to represent Rotary.  A special guest was Sara Gonzalez de Jimenez who contracted polio at age 6.  she is now 85 and was joined by two of her 9 children Margarita and Luis Abuso Jimenez.
The much cherished "Golden Gavel" award was presented to Joan Fisher for her contributions to the Rotary Auction this week.  We are moving towards our goal for items and fundraising with the help of club members collecting items as Joan did this week.
Books the Rotary Club of London South collected and were donated by the London Public Library were unloaded and headed for the Kingdom of Eswatini ( formally Swaziland) along with sleeping mats,  Two containers were purchased by the Rotary Club of Grand Bend and will be converted to school rooms when they arrive at their destination.  The containers are packed with school room equipment, wheelchairs,  our books and sleeping mats and other materials needed in Eswatini.
The Rotary Club of London South with the help of Messe No Frills purchased 32 turkeys and delivered them to NGOs in London so that Thanksgiving dinners are available for people who may not otherwise have the opportunity for a full turkey dinner get to celebrate this special day.  Messe No Frills made collection of the turkeys simple and efficient.
Club members stamped the Four Way Test and club name in 1,00+ Dictionaries in preparation for distribution to Grade Three students in London Schools.  Last year London clubs distributed over 5,800 dictionaries to children in the Thames Valley area.
Brenda and Lorna brought us up to date on the auction.  Brenda displayed how the upgraded software gives our auction a new fresh look.  Lorna reviewed the fundraising and presented the "Fundraising Frasers" with the golden gavel award for their outstanding efforts in bringing in new items.
Melinda Grant shared her experiences in working in Guatemala with remote indigenous people  Her personal situation led Melinda and her daughter to service in Guatemala.  One of the projects involved improving living conditions by adding clay reinforced floors to homes, reducing insect infestation and improving sanitation.  Other projects included improving local diets by setting up raised gardens for vegetables, proving water for a local school, and cisterns for water.
We were honoured to host three students who received awards at the 2019 Canada wide Science Fair held in Fredericton NB.   The Thames Valley students consistently perform at a high level compared to other cities.  This year local students received 2 Gold, 4 Silver, 3 Bronze, 2 Challenge Awards 2 Special Awards.  The whole group is pictured below.  For the individual projects for Lucinana Tudor, Shayan Mahmood, and James Iansavitchous continue reading the next page.
Chris Ryan, CFO of London International Airport brought us up to date with the planning at the Airport and recent developments.  London is fortunate to have an airport with strong infrastructure.  The runway is long enough to handle heavy aircraft and is a hub for Southern Ontario.  Toronto's Pearson is limited in its capacity and limited by the layout of runways.   LIA has planned to take more that one million passengers in 2020.  The addition of the low cost carrier Swoop expands the number of Canadian and international cities served by London.  The Airport adds $50 Million in taxes, 1400 Jobs and $137 Million in GDP to our local economy for each one million passengers served.  The impact will only increase in the future.  The addition of a new flight school at Fanshawe will also be an advantage to the Airlines industry.
Chester Syzpulam, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee at BDO, explained the role of a LTI in working with individuals to resolve serious financial problems.  Under a trustees guidance individuals can arrange for consolidation of debt, a consumer proposal or as a last resort bankruptcy.  There is an increasing trend for individuals needing this type of help - up more than 10% from last year.  Trustees are regulated by legislation under Canada Revenue and are officers of the court and responsible for fair dealing with creditors and debtors.  Two financial counselling sessions are part of the the debt services under this legislation.  Fees for a trustee are paid as part of the resolution to debt programs under a tariff set by the legislation.
Chester also provided informaton about financial wellness and recommended everyone check their 
A great time was had by all at the Welcome and Birthday party for our Exchange student Duda Dercy.  Special thanks to Anette for hosting the party and arranging for all the goodies.
Carolyn Martyn - Owner and health and wellness coach from Shine, talked to us about health and wellness from the inside out.  She emphasized the importance of proper nutrition on the brain including the relationship of fat and sugar to proper brain health. Other important factors in wellness include exercise (cardio 3-4 times a week) and the proper amount of sleep.
Linda Badke presented her classification talk at our July 26th meeting.  Linda grew up in Montreal, graduated from Queens and started teaching deaf children in Winnipeg.  After several years in Winnipeg she moved to Ontario and ended her teaching career in Dorchester teaching various split grades from 1 to 4. 
Alex Purdom gave us some insight to his family and his profession.  Besides being a Golf player at a high level, Alex showed some high level work he has done on the CN  Tower walk, including leaning backwards over the city of Toronto.  He has a long family history with Western and is a member of a fraternity his grandfather helped establish in the 1940's.
On a professional level Alex described the long run performance of various investment strategies and results of fund managers. Despite the relatively indifferent performance of fund manages, individual investors perform even worse due to their short term focus and trying to time the market and loss aversion attitudes.  His firm endeavours to make an impact on their client's,   whether it is investing for retirement or helping to finance a child's education. Alex provided detailed review of market performance and long range perspective. Their approach is understanding a client's goals, making a plan, acting on the plan, and monitoring progress.
Jim Waite, coached National Olympic  men's curling teams in the 1998, 2002 2006 and 2010 Olympics.  He provided a behind the scenes stories about the men's teams and Olympic curling.  We found out why the team in Turin was called Team Canada and not Team Gushue.  The pressures and expectations of the teams add to the competition.  Jim shared stories about phone calls from the the Prime Minister, joys and sadness of some of the Olympians, and the trill of the opening parade of athletes.  
Jim also brought some paraphernalia from past Olympics including uniforms and the torch carried by volunteer runners across Canada.  Jim ran his quarter mile segment in St. Thomas.
Although he did not mention it in his presentation he is the coach of the National Mixed team that won Gold in Worlds in Kelowna in 2018.
The July 5th meeting had a packed agenda.  District Governor Tony Sheard's official visit to the club coinsided with our club change over meeting.  We were hououred to have the DG swear in President Joanne and the board of directors and avenue of service chairs for the new Rotary year.  Past President Bill started the meeting as his last official act and he thanked the club for supporting him in a successful year which saw our membership grow and our fundraising increase.
DG Tony explained his goals for increased membership, expanded promotion of the things we do, support for the Foundation, success through integrity, inclusiveness, diversity and "DOGOODERY".  He challenged us to participate in his Rotary Glasses photo promotion.
London South President, Joanne Johnson welcomes you to Rotary

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