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Are you ready to connect to the world? At The Rotary Club of London South we work together to make a difference right here in London. Come and join us for a breakfast and enjoy great speakers, laughter, and see the impact Rotary makes locally and around the world. We are always looking for inspired people to join us.
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Vanessa Brown, local author and historian, treated us the strange cold case of the murder of Jackie English.  Jackie was murdered in 1968 and was found outside of  London, but lots of clues in the city.  There were too many coincidences to a coincident in this case.  Murder, clues, arson and a Scottish verdict in a trial make this story a spell binder.  Jackie's murder and several others are outline in Vanessa's book make this a must read for all of London.  If you don't have a copy of the book- GET ONE.
We were treated to an entertaining and informative talk by Dr. Darryl Gopaul about microbiology.  Darryl explained the nature and location of various forms of bacteria found on the human body and how they spread.   He outlined the nature of bacteria, how they interact with viruses and how some are helpful and some are harmful.  Slides of the actual bacteria were shown and some anecdotes were used to help us understand the nature of some of the bacterial function.  Among the bacteria he explained were tetanus, e. coli, and strep.
Colleen Jones, from the St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation described the work their Foundation does in helping St. Joe's get the extras not funded by the province.  One of the major efforts the foundation is helping with is mental health imitative for youth and for those needing assistance in finding the proper medication.  The Foundation also funded the refurbishment of 11 operation rooms at the hospital.  In the area of research, the Foundation provided a "state of the art" microscope allowing researchers to more closely identify disease at the genetic and cellular level.   Among the other initiatives by the hospital and the Foundation is a outreach program for indigenous people.  The work of these foundations make our community a leader in medical research and care.
Over this Rotary year we have engaged in providing the White Oaks Public School Library with upgrades the school could not otherwise afford.  Some of the upgrades include furniture, carpeting, and bilingual books in Arabic/English.  Below are some pictures of equipment we have purchased.
We had a great tour of the new Fanshawe South facility on Wellington on Jan 17th.  The tour was lead by Nord Mensch, The Associate Dean for the South Campus.  This campus is one of the six Fanshawe locations and currently has 411 students, but will have over 1,000 in the fall.  Four programs are offered at the South Campus: Business Management, Business Information Systems Architecture, Agriculture Business Management, and Retirement Residence Management.  Most of the students at South Campus are International Students and Fanshawe works at integrating the students into south London. They are helped with finding accommodations, job placements, and community relations. The tour include viewing the various types of facilities and class room used by the students.
Moria McKee, Owner and operator of Excavo Art Gallery explained the focus of her gallery in supporting up coming artist in London and beyond.  She also explained her role in appraisal of art.  Appraisals are conducted in a different fashion depending on the purpose of the appraisal.  Appraisal for insurance purposes is different from estate appraisals.  However, determining value either for replacement (insurance) or market value (estate) starts with finding comparable works recently sold or auctioned.  Moria also advises collectors in art selection for purchase.
Our annual Christmas Carol meeting featuring Sam and Dave (Kirwin) with many favourites including Frosty and !2 Days of Christmas.
We were delighted to host Elaine and Brian Crombeen for breakfast and get an update on the Joyful Socks project Elaine sponsors.  When she started this project, the donated socks were distributed at Missions Services and provided a Christmas present of socks and personal care items for the Men's Mission clients during the Christmas season.  The project has grown so much that now supplies last until July.  So far this year 6,500 Joyful Socks have been collected.
Dani Bartlett, Labour Coordinator for Middlesex London United Way, spoke about the United Way's initiatives to support the anti violence against women initiatives in our community.  One of the programs the UW undertakes is the "New Beginning Loan Program".  This is a micro loan program allowing women to get a new start in a violence free environment.  The average loan size is $299.44.  However, a loan a small as $27 can pay for cab fare to allow a rural woman to escape an abusive relationship.  In 2018 63 women have taken advantage of the program.
Our offsite meeting on November 22nd was a L'Arche London in their impressive building in Lambeth.  After a short club meeting, we learned the history and mission of L'Arche. L'Arche London operates three residential homes where individuals with intellectual disabilities share living accommodations and responsibilities with community members. At L'Arche"s Gathering Place in Lambeth a range of day programs are offered including music, art, ceramics, kitchen skills and other activities.  In addition a cafe is operated by the organization where community members can enjoy an coffee along with freshly baked goods and treats.  After a short club meeting we learned more about L'Arche, its history and mission.  We were treated to a tour of the Gathering Place and its facilities.
Our annual Remembrance Day Ceremony  was held this Friday with Major Veneables playing  "Last Post" and moments of silence observed.  Members talked about family members who served. A special speaker, Vinod Varapdravn explained the role of the Indian Army troops in WWI.  1.2 million Indian solders took part in the war.  Many were there at the early stages of the war in France and came with limited arms and summer Khaki uniforms.  They took part in the capture of Haifa including a cavalry charge with lances and swords.  To commerce the role of the Indian Army 108 trees have been planted on Veterans Memorial Highway at the corner of Hamilton Rd. and Veterans Memorial Highway.
Reg Ash, CEO of the Western Fair, brought us up to date with the history and recent developments at the Western Fair.  The Fair started in 1867 as an agricultural society and has developed into a not-for-profit organization with 50 full time and 100 part time employees.  The Western Fair manages the several properties in the Western Fair District.   Some are solely operated by the Fair and other are join ventures with the City of London.  The Fair is involved with renovating some of the historic buildings and bring them back as close as possible to their original design.  Other properties such as the sport complex are relatively new and modern.  Commitment to the community is a constant theme of the Fair; special shows , days of  caring,  special arrangements for stimulant sensitive children during the annual fall fair, and learn to skate programs, are examples of community commitment.  The Western Fair has hosted harness racing since the 1870's and continues with up to 125 cards today.
Linda Badke, project leader for the project of significance, and Jim Thomas visited the White Oaks School Library to continue the ordering process for items for the Library on Tuesday 5 Nov. While there they took a look at some of the equipment that were part of the project that is already in place. The rugs and mushroom chairs are a big hit with kids.  One of the rugs was placed in the Kindergarten and the teacher get the children to "take and square" when they are receiving instruction.  The older children enjoy the sofas for reading.
Mayor Ed Holder helped kickoff the Christmas Ornament commemorating Blackfriers Bridge along with Joan Fisher the ornament drive coordinator and club president Joanne Johnson.  They were joined on the bridge by a local resident Moria McKee and her dog Leo.  Ms Mckee owns the EXCAVO gallery.
We were honoured to have Mayor Ed Holder speak to us this morning.  The Mayor (an honourary  member of the Rotary Club of London )   recounted highlights of his first year in office and the challenges of a new council working on important issues.  Ed described the difference between working with volunteers in Rotary and working with elected members of council.  Rotary volunteers all get behind a project and work on it together; while elected officials come with different agendas and have to learn to work together and may or may not get behind a project.  Ed talked about the initiatives to increase the employment participation rate in the city.  The city has launched a program to collect job vacancies and opened a portal for job seeker to find jobs.  If successful London will increase its participation rate to the national average from its current low level.  He responded to questions about affordable/social housing that the city is working on and to the problem of police and EMS workers waiting to turn over people to medical staff in the hospitals.
Gary McCarty was awarded the "Golden Gavel"  for bringing in a significant number of items for the auction.
World Polio Day was recognized at Museum London with a display of an iron lung.  DG Tony and Silvia were joined by Joan Fisher to represent Rotary.  A special guest was Sara Gonzalez de Jimenez who contracted polio at age 6.  she is now 85 and was joined by two of her 9 children Margarita and Luis Abuso Jimenez.
The much cherished "Golden Gavel" award was presented to Joan Fisher for her contributions to the Rotary Auction this week.  We are moving towards our goal for items and fundraising with the help of club members collecting items as Joan did this week.
Books the Rotary Club of London South collected and were donated by the London Public Library were unloaded and headed for the Kingdom of Eswatini ( formally Swaziland) along with sleeping mats,  Two containers were purchased by the Rotary Club of Grand Bend and will be converted to school rooms when they arrive at their destination.  The containers are packed with school room equipment, wheelchairs,  our books and sleeping mats and other materials needed in Eswatini.
The Rotary Club of London South with the help of Messe No Frills purchased 32 turkeys and delivered them to NGOs in London so that Thanksgiving dinners are available for people who may not otherwise have the opportunity for a full turkey dinner get to celebrate this special day.  Messe No Frills made collection of the turkeys simple and efficient.
Club members stamped the Four Way Test and club name in 1,00+ Dictionaries in preparation for distribution to Grade Three students in London Schools.  Last year London clubs distributed over 5,800 dictionaries to children in the Thames Valley area.
Brenda and Lorna brought us up to date on the auction.  Brenda displayed how the upgraded software gives our auction a new fresh look.  Lorna reviewed the fundraising and presented the "Fundraising Frasers" with the golden gavel award for their outstanding efforts in bringing in new items.
Christmas Ornaments:
London South President, Joanne Johnson welcomes you to Rotary

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