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Are you ready to open a "Door of Opportunity"? The Rotary Club of London South opens opportunities for fellowship, service locally and internationally, and for personal growth in a challenging time.  While providing service to the London area we also provide international service in Rotary's seven areas of focus.  To find out more, enjoy some fellowship, and make a difference in the world join us.
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Marsha Bergeron, Area Director for Toastmasters International presented the history and the benefits of belonging to the organization.  Toastmasters was started in 1924 and has grown worldwide to today's 16,300 clubs in 143 countries with nearly 17,000 members.  In the London area there are 17 clubs.  Marsha joined Toastmasters in 2009 with a goal of becoming a more proficient speaker and with a long term goal of being a motivational speaker.  She has serve the organization in various capacities and competed in speaking competitions internationally.
Marsha described the befits of being a Toastmaster including personal development, fellowship and skill development.
She gave a table topic demonstration with three of our members giving a one minute talk on random topics with only a few seconds of preparation.
She encouraged us to be a guest at one of the local club's meeting and give Toastmasters a try.
This was our first change over meeting conducted by Zoom.  President Joanne's Rotary year was a success under challenging conditions due to Covid 19.
The year started out normally and changed in March.  Despite the challenges of figuring how to hold a meeting by Zoom under Joanne's leadership the club did not go dark, but thrived in new ways.  
Under the success column Joanne's leadership resulted in 1) a success youth exchange with Duda who charmed everyone with her enthusiasm for exploring her host country; 2) start up of a new Interact club at Central and continuing support for the existing Interact club and Rotaract clubs; 3) Work on a satellite club focusing on the Hispanic community; 4) ongoing strong community support including, dictionaries, science fair, backpacks, pancakes at White Oaks Public School and a project of significance to upgrade the WOPS library with new furniture and books, turkeys to NGOs for distribution to provide food security, and more 5) continuing international support for Days for Girls, Sleeping Children and others, 6) Strong fundraising under difficult conditions for ECKP, Internet auction, Christmas ornaments, and golf; 6)  meeting and exceeding our goals for the Rotary Foundation's annual giving [more than double our goal] and beating our polio goal.
Under Joanne's leadership we all pulled together and stayed together-  THANKS FOR A GREAT YEAR and helping us to stay connected.
Alex Purdom gave and market update at our June 12th meeting.  Alex reviewed the impact of Covid pandemic on the 30% market drop and recent recovery. He reviewed the impact of being out of the market and missing upticks vs staying in the market with a long term point of view.  He also reviewed some of the myths versus reality of investment.
Nancy Howard presented information about ELUCO and the programs provided to the East London and the impact of these programs on low income community members. East London has high levels of unemployment and poverty.  ELUCO advocates for affordable housing, food stability, affordable transpiration and good schools.
Among the programs they offer for children and families are Growing Chefs, family story time, books and crafts, reading buddies, mad scientist, baby sitting courses, Christmas and pumpkin carving.  A special post secondary scholarship has been successful and several graduates have launched ther careers with the help of ELUCO.
Our June 5th meeting featured Duda's presentation of her year in Canada.  She described her experience from a family party before she left home to navigating the Toronto Airport and arriving in London to a group of welcoming Rotarians. She told us about her host families, School experience at Saunders, the birthday party we gave her and the other exchange students she has met and become friends with.  We are luck to have such an outgoing and adventurous exchange student.  To see her full presentation click on this link:!AjT5RxzSUsShoBfGTIbHYoSPn9ef
Our May 29th meeting featured Ubong Umoh from TechAlliance.  TechAlliance is part of the Regional Innovation Centre and helps Tech companies start up or improve their business through training, counselling, and collaboration.  There are 150 active clients who are learning a range of skills such as "the 60 second pitch", Entrepreneur 101, and peer engagement.  They are moving from the innovation park to a new location downtown.
James Coolidge spoke at our May 8th meeting and described the changes YFC made to deal with the Covid pandemic.  The programs YFC delivers have gone virtual.  Surprisingly this change caused the greatest challenge to millennials who have not dealt with major life changes before.  They often went through a grieving process dealing with a changed world.  James showed their portal and how programs are connected to participants.  
Beyond the change to program delivery the facility on Adelaide Street has become a food distribution centre for individuals, families and youth at risk.  Daily drive crews deliver food to those in need.  Because YFC operated as a restaurant it has access to the commercial food distribution network and is able to purchase food stuff at a significant discount to grocery prices. They are currently producing and providing 160 meals per night and will be capable of up to 800/900 per day in the future. They have become a collaborative leader helping other social service groups such as Glen Carin purchase, assemble and distribute food.  Their operating space has been used by other service groups to stage non-food necessary materials for familles  in need.
Thanks James for being a community leader in helping the most vulnerable in our city.
At our May 1st meeting Jon Deactis brought us up-to-date with the programs the pandemic have put under additional  pressure.  The Centre of Hope is not just a shelter it provides extensive services to people who come to it for help.  As a shelter it is the largest in London.  A list of the services is shown below this story.  At the same time that the Centre is under pressure for services, it is facing a financial challenge because of its aging building-the roof needs replacing, the elevator has problems and the building is just old.  The Centre provide needed service to the most vulnerable in London.
We held our first zoom based club meeting on 27 March and shared ideas about how to help in the community during the COVID shutdown.  Sargent at Arms David managed to extract a few virtual bucks. 
David Knoppart and Dr. Aman Rai from the Hyde Park Rotary Club presented an overview of their medical clinic trip to Nicaragua.  On the "Commit to Nicaragua " trip they worked on medical clinics to help remote villages with health issues such as dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medial issues.  Dental clinics, vision care, hearing care, educational issues and community agricultural development were also part of the mission.
An additional program was part of the trip was to encourage building simple cinder block stoves for cooking and eliminating cooking on open fires.  Smoke from this type of cooking causes chronic lung conditions and other medical problems.  The Rotary Club of Hyde Park is working on a grant proposal to develop 250 stoves for this part of the country.  David outline the grant proposal and welcomed our help.
Our club effort to better serve the Hispanic community in London was kicked off with presentations at the Byron Library by club members and follow up presentations Starbucks.  Both meeting were well attended by interested individuals.  Continuing discussion are planned with participants determining if they want to set up a Satellite Club or join the Rotary Club of London South as members.
Cheryl Fin, GM of Tourism London, told us the importance of tourism to the London economy. Visitors to London spend $831 million for same day and overnight stays.  There are 8,537 jobs associated with tourism (3% of London employment).  The visitor centres handled  of 20,000 transactions each year.  There are four main areas of tourism the city focuses on: experiential tourism, conventions, culture and entertainment, and sports tourism.  Recent wins in each of these areas were: experiential tourism/ Unlocked and Inspired 3.0 Conventions/The Association of Municipal ties of Ontario, Culture and Entertainment / Junos  Sport tourism / Continental Cup of Curling.
Tourism London is rebranding and the new look of the Wellington Rd. centre is an example of the new brand look.
Stanislav Rajic, Acting Executive Director, of the Glen Carin Community Resource Centre described some of the programs GCCRC offers to the community.  Glen Carin is a diverse catchment area and the demographics for the community range from youth looking for something to do or needing support and help to older community members dealing with loneliness.  A number of innovative projects are underway to service low income individuals and families including food bank supplement programs, social programs, and a dental clinic.
On Valentine's Day, our Brazilian sweetheart, Eduarda Mendoca Dercy fondly known as Duda, gave an excellent presentation of her home country and specifically the city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim where she is from in the southeast state of  Espírito Santo,  We learned about Duda's family and friends, career aspiration to become a doctor and her favourite Brazilian foods.
Vanessa Brown, local author and historian, treated us the strange cold case of the murder of Jackie English.  Jackie was murdered in 1968 and was found outside of  London, but lots of clues in the city.  There were too many coincidences to a coincident in this case.  Murder, clues, arson and a Scottish verdict in a trial make this story a spell binder.  Jackie's murder and several others are outline in Vanessa's book make this a must read for all of London.  If you don't have a copy of the book- GET ONE.
We were treated to an entertaining and informative talk by Dr. Darryl Gopaul about microbiology.  Darryl explained the nature and location of various forms of bacteria found on the human body and how they spread.   He outlined the nature of bacteria, how they interact with viruses and how some are helpful and some are harmful.  Slides of the actual bacteria were shown and some anecdotes were used to help us understand the nature of some of the bacterial function.  Among the bacteria he explained were tetanus, e. coli, and strep.
Colleen Jones, from the St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation described the work their Foundation does in helping St. Joe's get the extras not funded by the province.  One of the major efforts the foundation is helping with is mental health imitative for youth and for those needing assistance in finding the proper medication.  The Foundation also funded the refurbishment of 11 operation rooms at the hospital.  In the area of research, the Foundation provided a "state of the art" microscope allowing researchers to more closely identify disease at the genetic and cellular level.   Among the other initiatives by the hospital and the Foundation is a outreach program for indigenous people.  The work of these foundations make our community a leader in medical research and care.
Over this Rotary year we have engaged in providing the White Oaks Public School Library with upgrades the school could not otherwise afford.  Some of the upgrades include furniture, carpeting, and bilingual books in Arabic/English.  Below are some pictures of equipment we have purchased.
We had a great tour of the new Fanshawe South facility on Wellington on Jan 17th.  The tour was lead by Nord Mensch, The Associate Dean for the South Campus.  This campus is one of the six Fanshawe locations and currently has 411 students, but will have over 1,000 in the fall.  Four programs are offered at the South Campus: Business Management, Business Information Systems Architecture, Agriculture Business Management, and Retirement Residence Management.  Most of the students at South Campus are International Students and Fanshawe works at integrating the students into south London. They are helped with finding accommodations, job placements, and community relations. The tour include viewing the various types of facilities and class room used by the students.
Moria McKee, Owner and operator of Excavo Art Gallery explained the focus of her gallery in supporting up coming artist in London and beyond.  She also explained her role in appraisal of art.  Appraisals are conducted in a different fashion depending on the purpose of the appraisal.  Appraisal for insurance purposes is different from estate appraisals.  However, determining value either for replacement (insurance) or market value (estate) starts with finding comparable works recently sold or auctioned.  Moria also advises collectors in art selection for purchase.
London South President, Anette Grue Welcomes you to Rotary

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