Seventeen members of London South took time out of their busy schedules on Saturday to participate in a 'Vision to Success' exercise led by DG Sonja Glass and Nurdon Tokoz of Rotary Hyde Park,  Our outbound Youth Exchange student, Kate Witford, attended  as a scribe. 
Although our visioning work is not yet complete on what the Club could look like and where we'd like to be in a few years, we now have great ideas, suggestions and the tools to plan next steps to make our club the ONE others want to join!.
Thanks to Elisa and Kathleen for organizing this great event!

Natalie and Crystal from The Thames Valley Communication Access Program (TVCAP) confirmed their  dedication in supporting adults in the Thames Valley Region who have acquired communication impairments (speech and language difficulties post-stroke, brain injury or progressive disease). They ensure consistent access to ongoing support for recovery, ultimately optimizing their communication capabilities and quality of life. Our mission is to empower these adults with communication impairments by delivering accessible and impactful communication services through group speech therapy.

info.tvcap@gmail.com   www.tv-cap.ca


Allyson Watson told us about Roots of Empathy, a school-based program that decreases bullying and aggression in students as well as increases pro social behaviors.   A volunteer parent and infant are the heart of the program visiting a classroom 9 times in one school year along with an instructor who attends 2 additional classes for each family visit.

The baby becomes the centre for learning empathy and emotional attachment allowing children to explore what they think and how they feel.  This interaction increases positive social behaviour and decreases aggression and depression.  They develop empathy for others, both cognitive empathy, understanding the perspective of other people, and affirmative empathy, the emotional perspective.

www.rootsofempathy.org      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSqP9Vef664



In 1998, Rotarian Stephen (Steve) Fine, PhD, and his wife Gail from Peabody, MA lost their 26-year-old son Daniel to late-stage melanoma.

Steve gave up his successful career in the semiconductor industry to create an educational program that is saving the lives of other young people.

He created a website that began as a tribute to his son and evolved into a complete guide to early self-detection and prevention of melanoma, which is curable in its early  stages.

Steve didn’t stop there. He founded the nonprofit Melanoma Education Foundation and created its SkinCheck® curriculum, a class with a lesson plan, video and student handouts that informs students how to self-detect and prevent melanoma. He then developed a seminar to train high school and middle school teachers in how to conduct the class.  See attached links for more information...
Following up on the research evaluation by Fanshawe college, and the generosity of the Rotary District 6330 Grant, the Community Fridge shoppers have purchased snacks for children. These will be put in our pantry daily by our volunteers for families with school-age children to pick up.  Our research confirmed that the cost for snacks is very difficult to afford for many families.
On Sunday, 8 RCLS members and 5 Friends of Rotary gathered at St. John Divine Church and assembled 200 packages to help keep London's most vulnerable warm this winter.  The packages included a warm hat, neck gaiter, gloves, socks, hand warmers, thermal sheet, toothbrush, soap, comb, granola bars and wipes.  These packages will be distributed through Ark Aid.
SAA David K and assistant Anette did a great job today raising a total of $600 with the Worst Christmas Gift event.  Members who were not successful bidders of a Christmas gift or were not in attendance, were assigned a 'Christmas sweaters rental fee of  $20' meaning they won a 'one-time rental’ of  the Christmas sweaters for an occasion next holiday season.  See Joan Fisher to book your rental date!
Lorraine Jardine shared her volunteer experience at Hekima Place in Kiserian, Kenya.  Lorraine went there initially in 2007 and she has been involved with them ever since and now serves on their Board of Directors. Hekima Place has been thriving to educate and empower young girls. For more information, please see their website at www.hekimaplace.org. 
Sergeant at Arms, David Kirwin's interview with one of our newest members, revealed that Akhil was born and raised in India and worked as a Design Engineer there before coming to Canada where he is pursuing a career as an Insurance Broker.  He hopes to be able to reunite his family by bringing them to London in the future.  Akhil has enjoyed his exposure to Rotary to date volunteering at Rotary Community Service activities and is looking forward to his role as Youth Exchange Officer to support the development of outbound and inbound exchange students.
Kate Traill, Professor & Program Coordinator at Fanshawe College provided a very informative synopsis from the data collected for the utilization analysis of the London Community Fridge last summer.  Her research team found that the majority of respondents live within a 5km radius of the Community Fridge; nevertheless, a sizable percentage travel significant distances.  Most live in 1 or 2 person households, although 21% report living with 5+ people and 65% of respondents report that they access the Community Fridge at least once a week. See the complete report attached.
Joan Fisher reports that because of  RCLS presentations to other Clubs,  we have been able to further help Deurence's Smart Girls initiative in Kenya.  In August, the Sarnia Bluewaterland Rotary Club donated $3,500 for the installation of an additional water cistern which has already been installed at the school.  
Message from the school's principal: "Kindly accept  our sincere appreciation as teachers and students of St.Albert Chiepe Sec.School. The water tank is already installed next to the girls hostel and will help our students get clean water. Thank you so much. God bless you abundantly."
It is a very proud day for us as Rotarians!
Upcoming Events
President's Welcome
Welcome to the Rotary Club of London South, located in London, Ontario.  If you are looking  to help make a change locally, internationally (or both!) you are in the right place.  I invite you to join our club for three reasons:
  1. Help us shine a light on projects to help people around the world.
  2. To listen to selected monthly guest speakers.
  3. To have fun with our members and projects.
We meet regularly on Friday mornings and everyone is welcome.
For more information, please contact me at any time!
Hector Silva-Rodrigues
RCLS President 2022-2024
Hybrid Club Meetings
We meet In Person & Online
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Four Points Sheraton
1150 Wellington Road
London, ON N6E 1M3
(519) 808-2845
Our in-person meetings are at The Four Points by Sheraton but most meetings are via Zoom per link below. REFER TO THE EVENTS CALENDAR FOR SPECIFICS.
Club Executives & Directors
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Rotary Foundation
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Interact Liaison
International Service
Youth Exchange Officer
Fundraising Chair
At convention find breakouts tailored to you

Take away bold ideas about how to improve your club experience, your community, and the world from breakout sessions at the Rotary convention in Singapore.

A labor of love

Supported by a Rotary Programs of Scale award, an initiative in Nigeria seeks to remedy the country’s high instances of maternal death

Sophia Yan
Apr 19, 2024
General Insurance OmbudService (GIO)
Betsy Reilly
Apr 26, 2024
Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Fund
Marianne Fischtner
May 03, 2024
The London Cross-Cultural Learner Centre
Projects Update
July 2023
Community Service
  • Partnering with Community Fridge Project 
  • Video Link to Community Fridge https://www.dropbox.com/s/4tiheerfmbm47qj/Community%20Fridge%20Video%20V1.mov?dl=0
  • White Oaks Breakfast program continuing
  • Backpack funding for Children at White Oaks provided
  • Interact club continues to grow
  • London Warms Kits supplied for this winter
  • Sports equipment provided for South London Schools
  • Science Fair funding arranged
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys for NGOs delivered
  • Planning for Earth Day
International Service
  • Kenya Water/Hygiene Project:  5 sewing machines purchased to teach sewing enabling 85 girls to produce hygiene products for sale and more water tables are being constructed to provide clean water. 
  • Mariela 2022-23 Inbound Exchange student  returned to the Philippines 
  • Sponsored refugee family on their way
  • Contributions were made to Sleeping Children Around the World, Shelterbox, Days for Girls
  • Arranging funding for famine in the Horn of Africa and relief in Philippines after typhoon destruction.
  • Providing funding for support in Guatemala relief and Turkey Earthquake
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