Prof. Emeritus Gordon McBean discussed issues of climate change and how to build a climate resilient community.  He is a recognized expert in these issues.  Besides his work at Western in the Department of Geography and Environment, he was previously an Assistant Deputy Minister at Environment Canada and advised Ministers for the Kyoto Protocol.
Increases in greenhouse gases at highest level in 800,000 years led to Global surface temperatures to increase faster than any 50-year period in recent history, and artic sea ice area smaller than any time since 1850.  The Secretary General of the UN calls these climate conditions a “Code Red” for Humanity.
Canada, because of our location on the planet, has experienced the impact of these changes more than others located at lower latitudes.  We have recent experience with floods, wildfires, and extreme temperatures.
To reduce the risks of climate effects Canada, need to build more resilient communities.  We need government polices reducing construction in flood plains, different construction codes for buildings and infrastructure, disaster preparedness and a National Adaption Action Plan. 
Prof. McBean also outlined things cities and individuals can do including better urban forestry management, better water drainage design and management and personal preparedness.
We commemorated Remembrance Day with a special program.

Maj. Venerables played “last Post”

President Philippe read “In Flanders Fields” in both official languages.

President Philippe told us about this journey to become an officer in the Army, his basic training and some the general responsibilities of a reserve officer.
Jennifer Raymer spoke to our club about her work providing humanitarian support to Cuban orphanages.  Jennifer travels to Cuba several times a year and provides medical and food support to children in two orphanages.  In the process she also helps the local economy by purchasing food stuff from local farmers.  This is a win for the children and for the local economy.

Past President, Jug Manocha, provided an overview of Indian Weddings, their rituals, and customs. He shared his pictures with the Rotary Club London South in the presentation. Indian weddings are colourful and stylized with each ritual marking not only the joining of a couple but also a joining of the families. 
Recognizing that there are many different cultures and that weddings may vary significantly, this is a sampling for sharing purposes. He also mentioned that many weddings are very elaborate, based on the family values and affording capabilities. Jug showed some of the highlights from the weddings that he attended in Canada from Hindu and Sikh cultures.
Amanda McCallum presented information about Geoparks and her work on getting the Discovery Geopark created as a UNESCO recognized park.  Discovery is one of five Geoparks in Canada, and it features both geological and culturally important features of the area.  The Park is located on Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland.  Among the important features of the park are fossils of the Haootia which shows the development of muscular tissue.  Culturally important sites in the park are root cellars that help sustain the local population over the years.  Many interesting geological formations are found in the park including chimneys and sections showing strata of the earth’s history.
Geoparks present significant opportunities for learning and interpretive trail hiking.
Grosvenor Lodge is one of the featured ornaments this year and sales of the ornament launched at special function at the Lodge.
Rotary Club of London South in Action.  This month we have shown our club is made up of people of action not words. 
Thanksgiving Turkeys
In October we have distributed 26 turkeys to NGOs to help provide Thanksgiving meals to those in need.  Among the organizations receiving turkeys were Salvation Army, My Sisters Place, Anova, the Men’s Mission and others.
Tree Planting
The club’s commitment to the environment was demonstrated by planting 130 trees in Carroll Park in the Summerside neighbourhood of London.
Calvin Reid from Reid’s Distillery in Toronto described the foundation of the distillery at the beginning of the pandemic and its near-death collapse of marketing opportunities to its current thriving business.  Along the way Reid’s created a community-oriented hand sanitizer product they gave away to community members, hospitals, and first responders.  The product was made from waste byproducts of the gin distilling process.
The business started when the family realized there was an opportunity for flavoured gins beyond the typical products offered in the LCBO.  With a  background in craft brewing, the Reids took a gamble and set up a gin distilling business in East Toronto.  Just as they started the pandemic hit and they felt their business was doomed.  Unable to market through the LCBO and limited by the pandemics impact on their retail store, they saw no way forward.  In desperation and looking for a way to get rid of some of the distilling byproduct they created hand sanitizer which was in short supply and subject to panic buying in the early days of the pandemic.  Since they could not sell the alcohol-based product, they gave it away.  The give away program gained media attention and gave their brand name some customer awareness, they started making gin again and needed a way to get the product out in the market.
Blocked from normal distribution channels and unable to make presentations to the LCBO because of covid restrictions, this family-owned business set up its own distribution channel by providing a home delivery service with no minimum order quantity.  In addition to gin the Reids provided mix to customers to go with gin and developed a new outlet for their business as a cocktail ingredient supplier and on line cocktail creation instructor. Word of mouth and promotional activities resulted in a thriving business once the pandemic restrictions eased.  Their products are now available through the LCBO.
Calvin’s prestation is a tribute to small business and the ability of entrepreneur’s pivot quickly when an opportunity presents itself.
London Cares
Erica Black, the Outreach Coordinator for London Cares, talked about the mission of the outreach program which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week under the Pillars of: Harm Reduction; Prevention; Treatment; Enforcement; and Community Collaboration.
They focus on London's core areas (Downtown, Old East Village, SOHO), Street Outreach Workers engage with individuals experiencing homelessness and support them to move off the street and into a home.
She talked about the importance of our “Keep London Warm” initiative last winter.  Many of the homeless could not be housed in the hotel arrangements set up by the city or in the trailers set up on various parking lots.  For those individuals without accommodations the street outreach workers tried to find safe and warm locations for them to spend the night – churches, doorways, or other locations.  Our kits made them more comfortable than would otherwise be the case.
Erica said London Cares gets 9 5% of their funding from the city and donations like ours make a difference that goes beyond the basics LC can provide.  She said the items we provided were what individuals needed and she did not suggest any changes to the kits.
After her presentation we officially launched this year’s Keep London Warm program.  Donations can be made at Canada Helps under the Rotary Club of London South Foundation page or click on the link below:
Yvone Joubert described the Clubhouse App and how it is connecting Rotarians worldwide. Clubhouse App is a new type of social network based on voice—where people around the world come together to talk, listen, and learn from each other in real-time.  Currently a Rotary forum is hosted on the app every Saturday morning for discussion of various topics of interest to Rotarians.  One week it might have a forum on fighting poverty and micro loans or other similar topics which Rotarians are sponsoring.  The App is available on Google Play or the Apple Store.
Ron Posno's presentation on Dying with Dignity underlined the importance of planning details for end of life.  Surprisingly, 65% of Canadians do not have a will.  Many have not had a discussion with family members about their wishes in the event of incapacity or suffering from an incurable disease.  Ron talked about the history of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) and the status of the legal framework and issues individuals need to take into account.
The first business meeting of the new Rotary year covered a number of topics including:
  • Membership Development
  • Fundraising
  • Community Service Projects
  • Kenya Water/Hygiene 
Erin Scott talked about what it is like to live with Lyme Disease. Growing up in Norfolk County and playing in the fields she was exposed to ticks and developed a range of symptoms that went undiagnosed as Lyme Disease for many years.  Doctors were unable/unwilling to accept that the symptoms were Lyme Disease.  When she was finally tested for Lyme using US testing the symptoms made sense as a cluster of symptoms.   She became an advocate for testing and getting the disease recognized in Canada.
The Wheel of Rotary keeps turning.  We held our change over meeting on June 25th.  President Anette listed some of our club’ accomplishments during her year as President, Howard Shear ADG administered the oath of office to the new Rotary year officers and In coming President Philippe outlined his objectives for the new year.
Member picture
Among the accomplishments during President Anette’s year:
  • Backpacks for school
  • Turkeys for Thanksgiving
  • Keeping London Warm
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Ornament sales
  • RYLA sponsorships
  • Kenya water project
  • Colombia tablets
  • Beirut Hospital funding
  • Sports Equipment for schools
  • RI Foundation targets exceeded by large amounts.
  • Rotaract and Interact sponsorship
  • Bravery Bead Bags
  • Greenhouse for Food Bank
  • Tree planting
  • And much more
Member picture
Incoming President Philippe Goals:
  • Increased Fellowship
  • Create a Newsletter!
  • Three new members
  • Increased Social Media presence
  • Hybrid meeting creation
  • Increased number of Paul Harris
  • Include O Canada at our meetings.
  • Having Fun
  • Recognizing Indigenous Lands at meetings
  • Fundraising
  • Celebrating our successes
President's Welcome
The Rotary Club of London South's President, Philippe Morin welcomes you to our club.
Welcome to the Rotary Club of London South, located in London, Ontario.  If you are looking to help make a change either locally or internationally (or both !) you are in the right place.  I encourage you to join our vibrant club and BE the difference.  Check out our interesting array of weekly guest speakers and be our guest at one of our Friday morning meetings.  We are looking forward to greeting you with our warm Rotary welcome!
Women and polio

Women and polioWhy it’s important to consider gender at all levels of eradication

Rotary announces new chief development officer

Rotary announces new chief philanthropy officerEvanston, Ill. (Jan. 25, 2017) — Rotary taps fundraising expert, Eric Schmelling, to manage philanthropy and fundraising for the humanitarian service organization’s $1

4 Feb Passport Club Recycling program
11 Feb  Kenya project of significance 
18 Feb Business Mtg.
Projects Update
Community Service
  • Sports Equipment delivered to area schools
  • White Oaks Breakfast program restarting
  • Keep London Warm 100 Kits assembled and delivered
  • Salvation Army Kettles Fully Staffed at Loblaws
  • Interact club to meet at the Market
International Service
  • Kenya Water/Hygiene Project  Water our Main project  PPT created and will be shared with other clubs, water testing underway
  • Outbound exchange student selected
  • Medical Warehouse volunteer dates being arranged
  • Sponsored refugee family on their way
  • Contributions were made to Sleeping Children Around the World, Shelterbox, Days for Girls
London South President, Philippe Morin 
Welcomes you to Rotary
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